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This Travel Club Gets In Your Blood

by admin on October 7, 2010

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something comes along and just flat out makes you laugh. This happened to me just a while ago. And because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month I think it is double fitting.

You know how I’ve said that when you blog you need to find something that you are passionate about. The same goes when you are struggling to find the perfect business opportunity. I definitely know I have the right business and I also know I’m attracting the right kind of people to it.

A short while ago one of my team members called me and asked me “Where is the strangest place that I’ve done our 4-minute travel club presentation.” I had to stop and think and said I believe it was in the Dollar General Store down one of the aisles.

She said, “I think I can top that.” I laughed and said, OK ~what did you just do and where did you do it?

She replied, “having my mammogram.” I immediately had a visual of this with her boob squashed between two plates of glass and gown barely covering her other extremities, holding her cell phone in her free hand and having the technician looking at her screen between running to the “little room” to pull the switch.

She corrected me however and said that she had just done a verbal 4-min presentation. Click to see it now.

She and I were laughing so hard and I know I had tears in my eyes. I said now that’s how you know that you’ve got your business in your blood. I mean that’s true PASSION. Yes, we have the right business.

And the technician! Well what prompted this entire conversation was that she is ready to go on a cruise but none of her girlfriends ever want to do it with her. So Debbi told her about our travel club and said she will be able to find tons of new friends that will be happy to go anytime.

So it sound like we may well have found another member to our travel club. Sounds like fun, huh. Are you ready to join us too?

Until next time ~Come play with us in our sandbox on the beaches of the world.

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