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How To Have Vacation Sex At Home

by admin on September 3, 2011

Did I just say sex? A topic on a travel blog. Are you thinking I may have lost my mind. Perhaps, and if I offend some of you I apologize. You should probably stop reading right here, right now!

You know how awesome it is to be in an out of the way resort or beach, the sex if fabulous! But you don’t need to venture too far from home or pack a bag to get busy.

We all know what vacation can do for your state of mind, in fact you can read some of my past posts and know that we not only want a vacation, we NEED a vacation. In fact a recent study shows that just one “adults only” vacation can impact a couples love life throughout the rest of the year.

Why? Because when you are on vacation and away from the daily routine, away from the kids you see your partner the way you did when you fell in love. You aren’t worrying about where the kids are or what’s for dinner. Now you can laugh and flirt when you were just getting to know one another ~falling in love.

If you are not a member in our travel club you may think you can’t afford to get away. Here are some great tips for making it happen at home.

Plan a day off.
Take a day and go to a hotel in your hometown. One of you can arrive early and set the “mood.” Perhaps a Friday and carry it over into the weekend. Order room service and stay in bed late and have breakfast with your partner.

Get rid of the distractions.
The main reason that vacation sex is so amazing. There are no distractions. No laptops, no cell phones (except for emergency) Remember you are trying to reenact when you were dating. You didn’t have your cell phone up to your ear during you dates did you? I doubt it. Enjoy your dinner.

Make your backyard a retreat.
If you have a great imagination why not create an intimate “getaway” at home is easy. Decorate your backyard in whatever resort you’d like to go to. do you want a Hawaiian theme. Have a backyard luau for two. Decorate your yard with tiki lamps and leis and play sensual Hawaiian music to really get you in the mood. Before you know it, your fun and flirty self may emerge and your outdoor adventure may lead to a wild night in the bedroom.

Dress the part.
Now that you’ve saved all kinds of money with your romantic “staycation” you can afford to buy some new sexy lingerie and let it peek out just a little to give a preview of whats to come later in the evening. Just having it on will make you feel gorgeous and sexy.

Sleep in the nude.
When you’re at home there is always a chance the kids may come in at an inopportune time, but this is just the two of you. Time to get down to basics. That skin to skin contact when your spooning is pure bliss. It will literally bring you “feeling” even closer and more intimate.

Out of the ordinary.
If you only have sex in your bedroom, why not try out some different rooms in the house. In fact, if you have a secluded outdoor deck, try it there. Have some fruit or whatever is easy to fix after your romp. Or fix a big breakfast together and carry it back to the deck. Who knows where it may lead.

Have your own film fest.
What movies do you and your honey both enjoy that might just put you in the mood. Is is Dirty Dancing or some other romantic flick. And there is certainly nothing wrong with Adults Only if you are both okay with that. No time to be shy!

Get bikini-ready.
Regular exercise is good for your health and your sex life. Don’t wait until it is time to go on your “staycation.” Get in shape and stay in shape will help you feel comfortable in your skin. So go ahead and strut your stuff. You’re looking good.

Take a tour of your city.
Where would you go if you were visiting your city. The beach, the zoo, a water park, an amusement park. No matter where you go, be sure to take pictures. Ask people along the way to take your picture and be sure to post them where you can see them.

Take your time.
The man reason vacation sex is so great is there are no time limits. You can spend as much time as you want with no worries. Keep that excitement going and know that you may have so much energy that you may have to find new ways to use up that energy.

Most of all enjoy yourselves. Life is short, enjoy the ride.

No matter whether you’re making a weekend run or your planning a family vacation, you need to try to keep your allergies at bay.

Did you know that 10% to 20% of Americans suffer from ragweed allergy, or hay fever, in the summer. And as you travel you may find yourself exposed to new plants or climates when you arrive at your destination.

Here are a few ways to keep your allergies in check before you check your baggage.

Some Basics
Dealing with seasonal allergies you should get extra medication from your Dr before leaving on your trip. If you are traveling by air keep them handy in your carry-on bag in their original containers. Make sure the name and instructions are on them. With todays strict regulations you may even need to have a Dr’s authorization.

On The Plane
Now fortunately all flights are nonsmoking. However the air is still quite dry. You may need to use a mist to keep you nasal passages moist. If you have ear problems, flying can aggravate sinus pressure, causing a lot of pain. This may be especially true for children so they may need some extra TLC.

By Car
Carpets and cloth seats may harbor allergens like molds and mites. A little trick is to run your A/C a few minutes before entering the car. It will help remove the dust mites before driving. Might be good if you are renting a car. Travel early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid high traffic and higher pollution levels. Keep the windows rolled up and Do Not Smoke in your car even if your passengers say it is okay.

In A Hotel
Whether you are in the plushest hotel or B&B they are full of allergens. In the curtains, the carpet, the furniture and the mattresses can all harbor the little buggers. Many hotels use down pillows and comforters. You may need to request feather free bedding or just bring your own from home. If you have pet allergies you may want to be sure that the previous guests did not have pets.

Dining Out
If you have food allergies and are trying some of the native delicacies, you may have to find out from the restaurant all the hidden ingredients in the dishes. Be sure to tell hosts or your server ahead of time to avoid possible negative reactions and that they could trigger an attack. If you have a severe food allergy, it’s recommended that you carry an EpiPen with you.

For International travel, research the local cuisine before you go. You will need to make your dietary wishes known and may need to know the language good enough or have a translator.

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